Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Where oh where can my baby be??

Jack is 2.

Its hard to believe that two years ago today, I held him for the first time.  I nursed him for the first time.  My husband and his best friend danced around our hospital room with him, seranading him with Bohemian Rhapsody, and as exhausted as I was, I hadn't seen anything yet.

Jack is still the most amazing creature I have ever laid eyes on, just as he was that first day.

He blew through milestones that first year, crawling, standing, taking steps.  He now has all 20 of his baby teeth and can and does eat just about anything.  He no longer walks, but runs, and talks to us in full sentences.

Having a conversation with someone you literally created is fantastic, mind blowing, every time.

Every month it seems he is doing more.  Every day, his vocabulary gets bigger.  Each "age" is my favorite.  Right now, I want him to never change and yet I also can't wait for what's next.

I love that if you have to wake him from his nap, he is guaranteed to be extraordinarily cranky.  I love that he now says, "no," to almost everything, smiling becuase he knows its the wrong answer.  I love that he insists on standing up to pee, even though his aim is terrible at best.  I especially love that he asks for what he wants, including asking us to tickle him, specifying which foot or arm he would prefer.

In about 7 months, Jack will become a big brother, so when we went today for his 2nd birthday pictures, it struck me that this could be one of the last times he is the only one in those pictures, the sole focus of the camera.  It makes me sad, and while I know, intellectually, that I will love the new baby just as much as I love him, and maybe love them both even more (is that possible?), it is unfathomable that anything could compare to my little Jackaroni and cheese.

For the record, Jack says he wants a sister.  But he also insists alternately that the baby is in either HIS belly, or Daddy's.

Happy birthday, little man.  I hope this year will be just as full of discoveries and happiness as your first two have been.