Friday, June 18, 2010

Potty Training - Day 2ish

So Boogie has definite signals that a #2 is coming, but his pee signals are not clear yet.  He seems as surprised as I am when he suddenly stars to pee!

We had some outside naked time Wednesday and he only peed once, and was thoroughly amazed when he crouched down and saw himself pee for the first time.  He then proceeded to play with his little boy parts for a bit, but that's nothing new...boys, right?

So we have been having daily naked time in the kitchen and he seems to enjoy it, since we have not really ever let him spend much time in there.  Our cocker spaniel is pretty incontinent and that's where he spends most of his time, so it was always easier to gate him in and keep Boogie out.

For right now, we will be sticking with some daily naked time and try to get him on the potty often and whenever we see signs of impending elimination.  However, of the 5 times he has so far peed while naked, twice he has crouched down first, but three times he hasn't.  I haven't recognized any other signals but I'm going to just keep watching until we do.  Eventually it will happen.

My goals for now are to learn his signals and teach him the ASL sign for "potty".  He did well with the ASL sign for "milk" and has started signing again after a hiatus of pulling on my shirt instead.  We re-instated the milk sign recently and he took it back in really fast, so I have high hopes that we can learn the potty sign within a few weeks and at least learn to associate the sign with the potty itself.

Fortunately, he seems more than able to eliminate without a diaper, which I credit to his being in cloth.  However, he is still not bothered at all by a wet or dirty diaper, so I'm also hoping he will start to feel the wetness and signal to me that he needs to be changed.  I think this will help in the process if he can learn to be uncomfortable with a wet or dirty diaper.

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  1. Good for you starting at such a young age. I think I posted on FB once about how in the past, most children were potty-trained by around 18 months... but nowadays, how often do we see 3 yr olds at the mall with diapers on? I'd love to get Lydia potty-trained around the age of 2. Luckily with cloth-diapers, we don't have to worry about the extra expense that diapers incur when you're buying disposables past the age of 2, but still... for her own independence/hygiene, I'd definitely like to encourage it as early as possible.

  2. I actually bought a book called "Early Start Potty Training" that convinced me to start now. We were going to wait until around 18 months and had this notion that we would start when Jack is "ready" but the reality is that there is no such monumental moment of "readiness". A lot of her information really made me think of it differently. She had me wishing I had started EC from the begining.