Friday, March 11, 2011

Quick Potty Training Update

Thought I would take a minute to give an update on Jack's potty training progress.  With the move, we expected regression but really never noticed any.  Some days are better than others and with my husband gone on business this week, I can attest that Jack does better with this when Daddy is around, even if he is at work for part of the day.  After he was gone for about two days, Jack started having more accidents.

I suspect this may be due to my lack of male parts.

This seems pretty normal, though.  He is, overall, doing pretty well.  It seems to be, of course, dependant on my memory.  Sometimes when we are running around doing things or even at home if I get involved in unpacking/organizing something and lose track of time a bit, I forget to prompt him frequently.  He does usually tell me he needs to go, but not always. 

I am pleased to report that his fear of public potties had passed, at least temporarily.  We have had no trouble using the fold up potty seat or even being held up over the toilet.  I have been employing the potty-in-the-car less frequently, but I think I will bring it with us today for a trip to the zoo, as the drive is a bit long and we may have to wait a bit before getting inside.

Speaking of today's outting, this is more or less the first recreational (for both of us - Lowe's doesn't count for him, even if I do enjoy a good trip to the hardware store) event I have planned for us.  We are meeting a new playgroup there - one that focuses on learning as its primary goal.  I hope we will find some new friends and have a good time!

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