Monday, January 3, 2011

Mandatory New Year’s Resolution Post

I am actually a fan of the New Year's Resolution blog post. However, I am not a fan of New Year's Resolutions in general. They tend to be far-reaching. Where I thought I would be now at this time last year is very different from where I actually am. So, in observance of the general tradition and in the spirit of not making things terribly difficult for myself, I offer the following 2011 Resolutions:
  1. Buy our first house. This shouldn't be terribly difficult as we put an offer in on Jan. 1st and may close as early as Jan. 31st. But the endeavor is not a small one, and we are looking forward to the excitement and stress and I am in particular looking forward to sewing curtains and buying our son his big boy bed.
  2. Keep the kid in his crib as long as possible. No, seriously.
  3. More handmade. Not all handmade, not mostly handmade. Just more. I can do that.
  4. Buy more organic, natural, and healthy food and household products for my family. This is an on-going goal that never really changes.
  5. Bake most of our bread. This was something I intended to perfect this year, but our current circumstances have made that difficult to say the least. I look forward to having my own space, my own kitchen, and a more adequately baby-proofed house in order to make this feasible.
I would add something like, "Be a better blogger," but let's face it. I have time when I have time and if I'm going to do all that, I may not have a lot of time. Or I may. We'll see.
Happy 2011!

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