Thursday, April 15, 2010

free cloth diaper with $10 BumGenius purchase

Check out The Thrifty Mama's post about how to get a free BumGenius diaper with $10 BumGenius, Flip!, or Econobum purchase.

I had a coupon from Pregnancy & Newborn magazine and found a new local online shop in my area that carries them.  Sweet Bottoms Baby Boutique is an online shop but based in Fuquay-Varina NC.  It's not a far drive from my home so I called up the owner and asked if I could stop in to her showroom.  She's a new seller and has an amazing little "shop" in her beautiful home and she invited me to come and take a look.

Boogie has been wearing Thirsties covers since he was itty bitty but now that he is crawling all over the place at the speed of light and starting to walk some, they aren't fitting as well.  He's apparently skinny!  With the velcro tabs secured as tight as can be, they slip out on the edges and cause some serious leaks.  It was time for new covers and I've had my eye on the Flip! covers from BumGenius.  I've also been looking to try out the BumGenius all in one diapers, since I haven't had any experience with an all in one.

So I grabbed my coupon and drove over to Sweet Bottoms Baby Boutique and after listening to my message, the owner of the shop had pulled several items out that she thought would work for us, including the Flip! diapers.  They are super cute!  I decided to buy the covers with the inserts for just $3 more (each) than the covers alone so that I can try them out and report back later.  The liners need a few washings before they will be ready to go, but so far the covers are fantastic!  They are not as quick for changing Boogie - he wrestles me at every diaper change and frequently crawls around buck nekkid for a few minutes while I attempt to distract him long enough to finish the job.  I'm hooked.  The covers fit nicely over his Mother-ease diapers and I'm looking forward to trying them with the inserts.  If they work out well for us, I might just buy a few more inserts for days when we will be travelling around a lot, as I will be able to fit more in my diaper bag that way.

As a bonus, I also picked up a free BumGenius all in one diaper for Boogie to try out.  I'm impressed by how soft it is.  Once it's washed up good, I'll post a review.

I just became a fan of Sweet Bottoms Baby on facebook and found a link to this article about the new Pampers DryMax, confirming what I already suspected about these new "12 hour" diapers.  Rashes galore!

Sweet Bottoms Baby Boutique offers a great selection of cloth diapering supplies including all types of cloth diapers, hybrids, and covers, plus wipes, wetbags, other natural parenting items and more!  If you are in the market for some new cloth diapers, check out her site.  She offers free shipping in the US.

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