Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Making Popsicles is easy and I'm sure just about anyone could figure it out but I wanted to share my son's first Popsicle recipes because I really just need a good reason to show off these adorable pictures of him getting Popsicle all over his face.

First, cut up your strawberries (oh, well wash them first, then cut) and bananas.

Dump in a blender, mini prep, or food processor.  Or for older kiddos, just mash them up really good.


Scoop/pour into molds.  I made half with strawberries and bananas and half with yogurt added to the fruit.

Finally, freeze them overnight and share with the Boogie in your life.  That's a shot of the actual first taste!  He ate about half of it, which is not a small amount for him.

And finally, check out this clever way to make a healthier version of those sugar filled otter pops your kids will beg for.  Love the name of her blog!

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