Friday, April 23, 2010

Nightime diapering "demystified"?

After another bout of yeast rash, I am reconsidering our nighttime diapering solution.  We have been using two of our regular diapers, one on top of the other, and Boogie sleeps well through the night.  He isn't a heavy nighttime wetter, but it seems the yeast rash cold be related to the wet diapers.

I do change him very frequently during the day, sometimes even leaving the cover off all day so that I can see as soon as he is wet and change him promptly.  So this leaves me with nighttime diapering being the problem.  For now, we are going back to the dreaded disposable at night and are currently using Seventh Generation after having such a great response from their customer service.

I have heard that Fuzzi Bunz are the way to go with nighttime diapering, but the thought of putting down so much money for yet more diapers is somewhat hard to swallow.  We already own 30 Mother-ease contours, a few of the new Flip diapers, 2 Swaddlebees pockets, and one new Bun Genius.  I haven't tried the Bum Genius out at night yet because I haven't washed it enough.  I'm not looking to wash them over and over jsut to be able to use them, so I have only washed them with my regular loads.  It should be ready after another washing but I'll also need to use it durring the day a few times to make sure, and that will mean another week or two at least.  My plan is to stuff it with a prefold. (We also own a few prefolds in addition to those from our newborn diapering days.)

My preference from the start was natural fibers only but after 11 months, I'm ready to look at some of the newer stuff, like the Bum Genius, to find a nighttime solution that will work for us.  I've weighted the pros and cons of natural v. man made fibers against using disposables at night and even with the chlorine-free disposables, I feel like ultimately I would be paying off a few month's worth of disposables in a couple of nighttime diapers pretty quickly anyway.  And since we are planning to have more kids, we'll certainly use them.  But what if they don't work for nighttime?

I enjoy cloth diapering so much and I am hoping to find a good solution.  Has anyone out there found night time diapering to be challenging?  How did you solve the mystery, or at least make peace with 7 disposables a week in your trash?

One of my newest favorite-ist bloggers has a post with insight into cloth diapering your second baby here.  Emily also has posts on anti fungal baby wipes, diaper liners, and more linked on that post.

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