Friday, April 9, 2010

Staying organized with Boogie's meals

I stay organized, making sure Boogie gets at least most of what he needs day to day with a simple dry erase board my mom bought on clearance at an office supply store a few months ago.
I took some Sharpie markers and created a "chart" listing the main food groups and how many servings he needs per day, and then added a box for each serving.  I use a dry erase marker to check them off after meals.  I also have a blank at the top for what day it is so that if my darling husband gets up with Boogie on Saturday morning so I can sleep in some, I know later whether he has started a new day or forgotten, and then I can ask him what he had for breakfast.

It's also nice because some mornings when Boogie and I get downstairs, said darling husband has written in the new day with something cute like yesterday's, "show your tongue off day!", to which he added in between the other food groups, "show your tongue 50-100/day," and several boxes to check off.

Recently, my father taught Boogie to stick out his tongue when someone asks, "Where's your tongue?"  It's a lovely habit I look forward to trying to break.  He LOVES to show off his tongue!  We are trying to teach him to point to his nose in response to, "Where's your nose?" but so far he just sticks his tongue out, proving that he is really not aware that the thing he is sticking out is called a tongue.  But he's getting there :)

Typically, Boogie gets a serving of baby  porridge for breakfast and 1-2 servings of fruit, sometimes mixed in but usually separate.  Lunch is 3-4 oz of plain whole milk yogurt with another serving of fruit, a piece of toast, and some veggies.  Some days he doesn't eat that much, though!  Dinner is generally veggie-loaded with 2-3 servings (depending on how much he has had earlier), some whole wheat pasta, more cereal, or a whole grain that hasn't been pureed prior to cooking (like quinoa or rice), or some whole wheat bread or pita.  Some days he gets chicken either in "meatball" form or just cooked bits.  The other day I put a bit of sweet curry powder on the chicken and he loved it!

Boogie also gets an egg 3 times a week, usually scrambled, for breakfast.  He also enjoys tofu, beans, and now hummus.  I try to go easy on meat-based proteins because I think its good to not get him used to meat every day, or even several times a day, while he is young.  He also loves bits of cheese, but who doesn't love cheese??

UPDATE - My darling husband reminded me that if you draw over over the sharpie marks with the dry erase marker, it will remove the sharpie marks.  So if you want to try this, make sure you make the boxes big enough to draw an "x" inside without touching the lines.

Also, when it inevitable gets skuzzy looking, use rubbing alcohol to remove the old sharpie marks instead of buying the pricey white board cleaner.

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